Class StandardModuleURIResolver

  extended by net.sf.saxon.lib.StandardModuleURIResolver
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ModuleURIResolver

public class StandardModuleURIResolver
extends Object
implements ModuleURIResolver

This class is the standard ModuleURIResolver used to implement the "import module" declaration in a Query Prolog. It is used when no user-defined ModuleURIResolver has been specified, or when the user-defined ModuleURIResolver decides to delegate to the standard ModuleURIResolver.

Michael H. Kay
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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
          Create a StandardModuleURIResolver.
Method Summary
static StandardModuleURIResolver getInstance()
          Get the singular instance of this class
protected  StreamSource getQuerySource(URI absoluteURI)
          Get a StreamSource object representing the source of a query, given its URI.
 StreamSource[] resolve(String moduleURI, String baseURI, String[] locations)
          Resolve a module URI and associated location hints.
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Constructor Detail


public StandardModuleURIResolver()
Create a StandardModuleURIResolver. Although the class is generally used as a singleton, a public constructor is provided so that the class can be named in configuration files and instantiated in the same way as user-written module URI resolvers.

Method Detail


public static StandardModuleURIResolver getInstance()
Get the singular instance of this class

the singular instance of this class


public StreamSource[] resolve(String moduleURI,
                              String baseURI,
                              String[] locations)
                       throws XPathException
Resolve a module URI and associated location hints.

Specified by:
resolve in interface ModuleURIResolver
moduleURI - The module namespace URI of the module to be imported; or null when loading a non-library module.
baseURI - The base URI of the module containing the "import module" declaration; null if no base URI is known
locations - The set of URIs specified in the "at" clause of "import module", which serve as location hints for the module
an array of StreamSource objects each identifying the contents of a module to be imported. Each StreamSource must contain a non-null absolute System ID which will be used as the base URI of the imported module, and either an InputSource or a Reader representing the text of the module.
XPathException - (error XQST0059) if the module cannot be located


protected StreamSource getQuerySource(URI absoluteURI)
                               throws XPathException
Get a StreamSource object representing the source of a query, given its URI. This method attempts to discover the encoding by reading any HTTP headers. If the encoding can be determined, it returns a StreamSource containing a Reader that performs the required decoding. Otherwise, it returns a StreamSource containing an InputSource, leaving the caller to sort out encoding problems.

absoluteURI - the absolute URI of the source query
a StreamSource containing a Reader or InputSource, as well as a systemID representing the base URI of the query.
XPathException - if the URIs are invalid or cannot be resolved or dereferenced, or if any I/O error occurs

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