Class JDK15RegexTranslator

  extended by net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.RegexTranslator
      extended by net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator

public class JDK15RegexTranslator
extends RegexTranslator

This class translates XML Schema regex syntax into JDK 1.5 regex syntax. This differs from the JDK 1.4 translator because JDK 1.5 handles non-BMP characters (wide characters) in places where JDK 1.4 does not, for example in a range such as [X-Y]. This enables much of the code from the 1.4 translator to be removed. Author: James Clark, Thai Open Source Software Center Ltd. See statement at end of file. Modified by Michael Kay (a) to integrate the code into Saxon, and (b) to support XPath additions to the XML Schema regex syntax. This version also removes most of the complexities of handling non-BMP characters, since JDK 1.5 handles these natively.

Nested Class Summary
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Field Summary
static net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] categoryCharClasses
          Translates XML Schema and XPath regexes into java.util.regex regexes.
static net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] specialBlockCharClasses
          CharClass for each block name in specialBlockNames.
static net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] subCategoryCharClasses
Fields inherited from class net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.RegexTranslator
ALL, captures, caseBlind, curChar, currentCapture, eos, expandComplementBlockNames, ignoreWhitespace, inCharClassExpr, isXPath, isXPath30, length, NONE, NOT_ALLOWED_CLASS, pos, regExp, result, SOME, SURROGATES1_CLASS, SURROGATES2_CLASS, xmlVersion
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          Main method for testing.
static String translate(CharSequence regExp, int options, int flagbits)
          Translates a regular expression in the syntax of XML Schemas Part 2 into a regular expression in the syntax of java.util.regex.Pattern.
protected  boolean translateAtom()
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absorbSurrogatePair, advance, copyCurChar, expect, highSurrogateRanges, isAsciiAlnum, isBlock, isJavaMetaChar, lowSurrogateRanges, makeException, makeException, parseQuantExact, recede, sortRangeList, translateBranch, translateQuantifier, translateQuantity, translateRegExp, translateTop
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Field Detail


public static final net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] categoryCharClasses
Translates XML Schema and XPath regexes into java.util.regex regexes.

See Also:
Pattern, XML Schema Part 2


public static final net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] subCategoryCharClasses


public static final net.sf.saxon.functions.regex.JDK15RegexTranslator.CharClass[] specialBlockCharClasses
CharClass for each block name in specialBlockNames.

Method Detail


public static String translate(CharSequence regExp,
                               int options,
                               int flagbits)
                        throws RegexSyntaxException
Translates a regular expression in the syntax of XML Schemas Part 2 into a regular expression in the syntax of java.util.regex.Pattern. The translation assumes that the string to be matched against the regex uses surrogate pairs correctly. If the string comes from XML content, a conforming XML parser will automatically check this; if the string comes from elsewhere, it may be necessary to check surrogate usage before matching.

regExp - a String containing a regular expression in the syntax of XML Schemas Part 2
options - bit-wise option settings
flagbits - Java bit-wise options settings based on supplied flags
a JDK 1.5 regular expression
RegexSyntaxException - if regexp is not a regular expression in the syntax of XML Schemas Part 2, or XPath 2.0, as appropriate
See Also:
Pattern, XML Schema Part 2


protected boolean translateAtom()
                         throws RegexSyntaxException
Specified by:
translateAtom in class RegexTranslator


public static void main(String[] args)
                 throws RegexSyntaxException
Main method for testing. Outputs to System.err the Java translation of a supplied regular expression

args - command line arguments arg[0] a regular expression arg[1] = xpath to invoke the XPath rules

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