Class PJConverter.ToArray

  extended by net.sf.saxon.expr.PJConverter
      extended by net.sf.saxon.expr.PJConverter.ToArray
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public static class PJConverter.ToArray
extends PJConverter

Converter for use when the target class is an array

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Constructor Summary
PJConverter.ToArray(PJConverter itemConverter)
Method Summary
 Object convert(ValueRepresentation value, Class targetClass, XPathContext context)
          Convert an XPath value to a Java value of a specified class
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Constructor Detail


public PJConverter.ToArray(PJConverter itemConverter)
Method Detail


public Object convert(ValueRepresentation value,
                      Class targetClass,
                      XPathContext context)
               throws XPathException
Description copied from class: PJConverter
Convert an XPath value to a Java value of a specified class

Specified by:
convert in class PJConverter
value - the supplied XPath value
targetClass - the class of the required Java value
context - the XPath dynamic context
the corresponding Java value, which is guaranteed to be an instance of the target class (except that an empty sequence is converted to null)
XPathException - if the conversion is not possible or fails

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