Class ContentHandlerProxyLocator

  extended by net.sf.saxon.event.ContentHandlerProxyLocator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ContentHandlerProxyLocator
extends Object
implements Locator

Implementation of Locator, used to supply location information to the ContentHandler.

When the ContentHandler is used to receive the results of a query or stylesheet, the information supplied by the standard methods such as getSystemId() and getLineNumber() relates to the position of the expression/instruction in the stylesheet or query that caused the relevant nodes to be output.

If the ContentHandler is used in other contexts, for example as the destination of an IdentityTransformer, the information reflects the position in the source document.

If the output property saxon:supply-source-locator was set to the value "yes" (which in turn requires that tracing was enabled at compile time), the Locator will also contain information about the current location in the source document (specifically, the position of the context node). This will not always be 100% accurate, since there is some buffering of events in the output pipeline: it reflects the context node at the time the event reaches the ContentHandler, which may not be the same as the context node at the time the relevant instruction was executed; however, it still provides some information that may be useful for diagnostics.

Constructor Summary
ContentHandlerProxyLocator(ContentHandlerProxy parent)
          Create the Locator for a ContentHandlerProxy
Method Summary
 int getColumnNumber()
          Get the column number
 Stack getContextItemStack()
          Get the current item stack.
 int getLineNumber()
          Get the line number
 String getPublicId()
          Get the Public ID
 String getSystemId()
          Get the System ID
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Constructor Detail


public ContentHandlerProxyLocator(ContentHandlerProxy parent)
Create the Locator for a ContentHandlerProxy

parent - the ContentHandlerProxy
Method Detail


public String getPublicId()
Get the Public ID

Specified by:
getPublicId in interface Locator
null (always)


public String getSystemId()
Get the System ID

Specified by:
getSystemId in interface Locator
the system ID giving the location in the query or stylesheet of the most recent event notified


public int getLineNumber()
Get the line number

Specified by:
getLineNumber in interface Locator
the line number giving the location of the most recent event notified


public int getColumnNumber()
Get the column number

Specified by:
getColumnNumber in interface Locator
-1 (always)


public Stack getContextItemStack()
Get the current item stack. This is a Stack, whose members are objects of class Item. The top item in the stack is the context node or atomic value; items further down the stack represent previous context node or atomic value

the stack of context items

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