Class StringValueAccumulator

  extended by com.saxonica.validate.Checker
      extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Result, Receiver

public class StringValueAccumulator
extends Checker

A StringValueAccumulator is a Receiver that computes the string value of an element in streaming mode, by copying all the text nodes to a supplied receiver.

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
StringValueAccumulator(FastStringBuffer buffer)
Method Summary
 void characters(CharSequence chars, int locationId, int properties)
          Notify character data.
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Constructor Detail


public StringValueAccumulator(FastStringBuffer buffer)
Method Detail


public void characters(CharSequence chars,
                       int locationId,
                       int properties)
                throws XPathException
Description copied from interface: Receiver
Notify character data. Note that some receivers may require the character data to be sent in a single event, but in general this is not a requirement.

Specified by:
characters in interface Receiver
characters in class Checker
chars - The characters
locationId - an integer which can be interpreted using a LocationProvider to return information such as line number and system ID. If no location information is available, the value zero is supplied.
properties - Bit significant value. The following bits are defined:
Disable escaping for this text node
Output as a CDATA section

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