Class EmptyTextNodeRemoverFeed

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public class EmptyTextNodeRemoverFeed
extends ItemFeed

This class is used when a streaming template requests evaluation of a simple content constructor in streaming mode (that is, when it constructs a text, attribute, comment, or PI node based on the contents of the streamed document). It removes empty text nodes arriving on the input, and concatenates adjacent text nodes into a single text node.

Both a Feed and a Watch are needed because a simple content constructor operates on a sequence of nodes without simply atomizing the sequence.

Constructor Summary
EmptyTextNodeRemoverFeed(Expression expr, Feed result, Stack<XPathContext> contextStack)
Method Summary
 void append(Item item)
          Supply an item to the feed
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Constructor Detail


public EmptyTextNodeRemoverFeed(Expression expr,
                                Feed result,
                                Stack<XPathContext> contextStack)
Method Detail


public void append(Item item)
            throws XPathException
Supply an item to the feed

Specified by:
append in interface Feed
Specified by:
append in class ItemFeed
item - the item being fed
XPathException - to report any failure

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