Class StreamingPatternMaker

  extended by

public class StreamingPatternMaker
extends Object

Factory class to make a streaming pattern from an expression. This is a variant of the class PatternMaker which handles the special rules for the streaming case.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static Pattern fromExpression(Expression expression, Configuration config)
          Static factory method to make a pattern by converting an expression.
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Constructor Detail


public StreamingPatternMaker()
Method Detail


public static Pattern fromExpression(Expression expression,
                                     Configuration config)
                              throws XPathException
Static factory method to make a pattern by converting an expression. The supplied expression is the equivalent expression to the pattern, in the sense that it takes the same syntactic form.

This is a variant of the method PatternMaker.fromExpression(net.sf.saxon.expr.Expression, net.sf.saxon.Configuration), and differs in that it creates a pattern suitable for streaming evaluation.

Note that this method does NOT check all the rules for XSLT patterns; it deliberately allows a (slightly) wider class of expressions to be converted than XSLT allows.

The expression root() at the start of the expression has a special meaning: it refers to the root of the subtree in which the pattern must match, which can be supplied at run-time during pattern matching. This is used for patterns that represent streamable path expressions.

expression - the expression to be converted
config - the Saxon configuration
XPathException - if the expression cannot be converted

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