Class SequenceExchanger

  extended by

public class SequenceExchanger
extends Object

This class enables one thread to produce a sequence of items in push mode, and another thread to read the sequence of items in pull mode, using a producer/consumer model. The class itself is abstract: it's just a wrapper around a collection of static inner classes.

Nested Class Summary
static class SequenceExchanger.Consumer
          The Consumer is a SequenceIterator that reads a sequence of items from the Conduit: that is, it allows its caller to make a sequence of calls on next(), each of which will return the next item pushed onto the Conduit by the corresponding Producer.
static class SequenceExchanger.EvaluationThread
          EvaluationThread is a producer that evaluates an expression in "push" mode, writing the results to a Conduit.
static class SequenceExchanger.Producer
          The class Producer represents the thread that pushes items onto the Conduit.
static class SequenceExchanger.SequencePusher
          A SequenceReceiver that accepts a sequence of events and writes them to a Conduit
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Constructor Detail


public SequenceExchanger()

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