Class XQueryEmitter

  extended by net.sf.saxon.serialize.Emitter
      extended by net.sf.saxon.serialize.XMLEmitter
          extended by com.saxonica.serialize.XQueryEmitter
All Implemented Interfaces:
Result, Receiver

public class XQueryEmitter
extends XMLEmitter

The XQueryEmitter is designed to serialize an XQuery that was originally embedded in an XML document. It is a variant of the XMLEmitter, and differs in that the operators <, >, <=, >=, <<, and << are output without escaping. They are recognized by virtue of the fact that they appear in text or attribute content between curly braces but not in quotes.

Field Summary
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allCharactersEncodable, characterSet, namePool, outputProperties, outputStream, pipelineConfig, streamResult, systemId, writer
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void writeEscape(CharSequence chars, boolean inAttribute)
          Write contents of array to current writer, after escaping special characters.
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attribute, characters, close, closeStartTag, comment, emptyElementTagCloser, endDocument, endElement, getCachedName, namespace, open, openDocument, outputCharacterReference, processingInstruction, putCachedName, startContent, startDocument, startElement, testCharacters, usesTypeAnnotations, writeAttribute, writeCharSequence, writeDeclaration, writeDocType
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Constructor Detail


public XQueryEmitter()
Method Detail


protected void writeEscape(CharSequence chars,
                           boolean inAttribute)
                    throws IOException,
Write contents of array to current writer, after escaping special characters. This method converts the XML special characters (such as < and &) into their predefined entities.

writeEscape in class XMLEmitter
chars - The character sequence containing the string
inAttribute - Set to true if the text is in an attribute value

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