Class HexBinaryEmitter

  extended by net.sf.saxon.serialize.Emitter
      extended by com.saxonica.serialize.BinaryEmitter
          extended by com.saxonica.serialize.HexBinaryEmitter
All Implemented Interfaces:
Result, Receiver

public class HexBinaryEmitter
extends BinaryEmitter

This emitter implements output method saxon:hexBinary. All nodes in the result tree other than text nodes are ignored. Text nodes are required to be in the lexical space of base64binary, and are serialized by writing the corresponding octets to the output file. All other serialization parameters are ignored

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  byte[] textNodeToBinary(CharSequence chars)
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attribute, characters, comment, endDocument, endElement, namespace, open, processingInstruction, startContent, startDocument, startElement, usesTypeAnnotations, usesWriter
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close, getConfiguration, getOutputProperties, getOutputStream, getPipelineConfiguration, getSystemId, getWriter, makeOutputStream, makeWriter, setOutputProperties, setOutputStream, setPipelineConfiguration, setStreamResult, setSystemId, setUnparsedEntity, setWriter
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Constructor Detail


public HexBinaryEmitter()
Method Detail


protected byte[] textNodeToBinary(CharSequence chars)
                           throws XPathException
Specified by:
textNodeToBinary in class BinaryEmitter

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