Class NonDeterminizedState

  extended by com.saxonica.schema.fsa.AutomatonState
      extended by com.saxonica.schema.fsa.NonDeterminizedState
All Implemented Interfaces:
State, Serializable

public class NonDeterminizedState
extends AutomatonState

A state in the non-determinized finite state machine

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class com.saxonica.schema.fsa.AutomatonState
EMPTY_EDGE_ARRAY, wildcardEdges
Constructor Summary
NonDeterminizedState(FiniteStateMachine machine)
          Create a new state
Method Summary
 void addLambdaTransition(AutomatonState newState)
          Add a lambda transition from this state to another state.
 void displayLambdaTransitions()
          Display the lambda transitions available from this state
 List<AutomatonState> getLambdaTransitions()
          Get the lambda transitions from this state
Methods inherited from class com.saxonica.schema.fsa.AutomatonState
addSpecificTransition, addWildcardTransition, display, displayState, getEdges, getMaxTransition, getStateNumber, getTransition, getWildcardEdges, isConditionallyFinalState, isFinalState, listAllowedElements, requiresCounter, serialize, setFinalState, setLimits, setMaxTransition
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Constructor Detail


public NonDeterminizedState(FiniteStateMachine machine)
Create a new state

machine -
Method Detail


public void addLambdaTransition(AutomatonState newState)
Add a lambda transition from this state to another state. This is a transition that can take place when no symbol is read.

newState - the state that results from this event


public List<AutomatonState> getLambdaTransitions()
Get the lambda transitions from this state


public void displayLambdaTransitions()
Description copied from class: AutomatonState
Display the lambda transitions available from this state

displayLambdaTransitions in class AutomatonState

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