Class ImmutableMap<K,V>

  extended by<K,V>

public class ImmutableMap<K,V>
extends Object

An immutable map. The put() operation which adds or clears an entry has the effect of creating a new map that is conceptually a modified copy of the old map; in fact the implementation is designed to share storage as far as possible.

Field Summary
static String NAMESPACE
static SequenceType TYPE
Constructor Summary
          Create an empty map
ImmutableMap(LinkedList<HashMap<K,V>> existing)
          Create a new map based on supplied contents
Method Summary
 V get(K key)
          Get an entry from the Map
 Set<K> keySet()
          Get the set of all key values in the map.
 ImmutableMap<K,V> put(K key, V value)
          Add an entry to the Map
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
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Field Detail


public static final String NAMESPACE
See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static final SequenceType TYPE
Constructor Detail


public ImmutableMap()
Create an empty map


public ImmutableMap(LinkedList<HashMap<K,V>> existing)
Create a new map based on supplied contents

Method Detail


public ImmutableMap<K,V> put(K key,
                             V value)
Add an entry to the Map


public V get(K key)
Get an entry from the Map


public Set<K> keySet()
Get the set of all key values in the map. This will be a newly constructed set. The objects in the set are XPathComparable values representing the normalized values of the keys

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