Class ExtraFunctionLibrary

  extended by net.sf.saxon.functions.IntegratedFunctionLibrary
      extended by net.sf.saxon.functions.VendorFunctionLibrary
          extended by com.saxonica.functions.extfn.ExtraFunctionLibrary
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, FunctionLibrary

public class ExtraFunctionLibrary
extends VendorFunctionLibrary

The ExtraFunctionLibrary represents additions to the set of Saxon vendor-supplied extension functions that are available only with the Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE editions

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
ExtraFunctionLibrary(Configuration config)
Method Summary
 Expression bind(StructuredQName functionName, Expression[] staticArgs, StaticContext env, Container container)
          Bind an extension function, given the URI and local parts of the function name, and the list of expressions supplied as arguments.
protected  void init(Configuration config)
          Initialize the set of functions available
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init, makeSaxonFunction, pluralArguments
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copy, getFunctionSignature, iterateFunctionNames, registerFunction
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Constructor Detail


public ExtraFunctionLibrary(Configuration config)
Method Detail


protected void init(Configuration config)
Initialize the set of functions available


public Expression bind(StructuredQName functionName,
                       Expression[] staticArgs,
                       StaticContext env,
                       Container container)
                throws XPathException
Bind an extension function, given the URI and local parts of the function name, and the list of expressions supplied as arguments. This method is called at compile time.

Specified by:
bind in interface FunctionLibrary
bind in class IntegratedFunctionLibrary
functionName - the name of the function
staticArgs - The expressions supplied statically in the function call. The intention is that the static type of the arguments (obtainable via getItemType() and getCardinality() may be used as part of the binding algorithm.
env -
container -
An object representing the extension function to be called, if one is found; null if no extension function was found matching the required name and arity.
XPathException - if a function is found with the required name and arity, but the implementation of the function cannot be loaded or used; or if an error occurs while searching for the function; or if this function library "owns" the namespace containing the function call, but no function was found.

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