Class JavaExtensionFunctionFactory

  extended by com.saxonica.config.JavaExtensionFunctionFactory
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, ExtensionFunctionFactory

public class JavaExtensionFunctionFactory
extends Object
implements ExtensionFunctionFactory, Serializable

This class acts as a factory for creating expressions that call Java extension functions. A different factory may be registered with the Configuration in order to customize the behaviour. Alternatively, this factory class can be customized by calling setExtensionFunctionClass to nominate a subclass of ExtensionFunctionCall to be used to implement calls on extension functions.

Note that this class handles Java extension functions only; a different class, DotNetExtensionFunctionFactory, is used for .NET extensions.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
JavaExtensionFunctionFactory(Configuration config)
Method Summary
 Expression makeExtensionFunctionCall(StructuredQName functionName, Class theClass, AccessibleObject method, Expression[] arguments)
          Factory method to create an expression that calls a Java extension function.
 void setExtensionFunctionClass(Class subclass)
          Set the class to be used to represent extension function calls.
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Constructor Detail


public JavaExtensionFunctionFactory(Configuration config)
Method Detail


public void setExtensionFunctionClass(Class subclass)
Set the class to be used to represent extension function calls. This must be a subclass of JavaExtensionFunctionCall

subclass - the subclass of ExtensionFunctionCall to be used


public Expression makeExtensionFunctionCall(StructuredQName functionName,
                                            Class theClass,
                                            AccessibleObject method,
                                            Expression[] arguments)
Factory method to create an expression that calls a Java extension function. This is always called at XPath compile time.

functionName - the name of the function
theClass - the Java class containing the extension function
method - The "accessibleObject" representing a constructor, method, or field corresponding to the extension function
arguments - Array containing the expressions supplied as arguments to the function call.
the constructed ExtensionFunctionCall object (a subclass might return any expression representing the extension function call).

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