Class SequenceExtentCompiler

  extended by com.saxonica.codegen.ValueCompiler
      extended by com.saxonica.codegen.SequenceExtentCompiler

public class SequenceExtentCompiler
extends ValueCompiler

Generate Java code for a SequenceExtent, that is a sequence of items. A SequenceExtent in the compiled expression tree will always consist of atomic values, never nodes, and we assume that zero-length and single-length sequences have already been optimized out.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String toJavaExpression(AtomicValue value, CompilerService compiler)
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Constructor Detail


public SequenceExtentCompiler()
Method Detail


public String toJavaExpression(AtomicValue value,
                               CompilerService compiler)
Specified by:
toJavaExpression in class ValueCompiler

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