Class CurrentDateTimeCompiler

  extended by com.saxonica.codegen.ExpressionCompiler
      extended by com.saxonica.codegen.SingletonExpressionCompiler
          extended by com.saxonica.codegen.CurrentDateTimeCompiler

public class CurrentDateTimeCompiler
extends SingletonExpressionCompiler

Generate Java code to implement the current-dateTime, current-date, and current-time() functions; also implicit-timezone()

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 String compileToItem(CompilerService compiler, Expression expr)
          Generate Java code to evaluate the expression as an Item
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compileAsLoop, compileToValueRepresentation, getConfiguration, makeExpressionCompiler, setConfiguration
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Constructor Detail


public CurrentDateTimeCompiler()
Method Detail


public String compileToItem(CompilerService compiler,
                            Expression expr)
Description copied from class: ExpressionCompiler
Generate Java code to evaluate the expression as an Item

Specified by:
compileToItem in class ExpressionCompiler
compiler - the compiler service
expr - the expression to be compiled
a simple Java expression (usually the name of a variable that has been declared) which will be of class Item, and which will hold the value of the expression at run-time (or hold null, representing an empty sequence).

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