Class ComputedAttributeCompiler

  extended by com.saxonica.codegen.ExpressionCompiler
      extended by com.saxonica.codegen.PushExpressionCompiler
          extended by com.saxonica.codegen.ComputedAttributeCompiler

public class ComputedAttributeCompiler
extends PushExpressionCompiler

Compile a computed attribute constructor to Java source code

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected static String compileAnnotationCode(CompilerService compiler, SchemaType schemaType)
protected static void compileAttributeValidationCode(CompilerService compiler, String stringVar, SchemaType schemaType)
 void compilePush(CompilerService compiler, Expression expr)
          Generate Java code to execute the expression in push mode, that is, code to write events to the current output Receiver
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compileAsLoop, compileToValueRepresentation, getConfiguration, makeExpressionCompiler, setConfiguration
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Constructor Detail


public ComputedAttributeCompiler()
Method Detail


public void compilePush(CompilerService compiler,
                        Expression expr)
Description copied from class: ExpressionCompiler
Generate Java code to execute the expression in push mode, that is, code to write events to the current output Receiver

Specified by:
compilePush in class ExpressionCompiler
compiler - the compiler service
expr - the expression to be compiled


protected static void compileAttributeValidationCode(CompilerService compiler,
                                                     String stringVar,
                                                     SchemaType schemaType)


protected static String compileAnnotationCode(CompilerService compiler,
                                              SchemaType schemaType)

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