XQuery 3.0 Conformance

Saxon 9.6 fully implements the XQuery 3.0 specification as defined in the Recommendation of 8 April 2014.

See also XPath 3.0 Conformance; all the new features implemented for XPath 3.0 are also available in XQuery 3.0.

The various Saxon editions implement XQuery 3.0 capabilities as follows:

The precise definition of these optional features is contained in the conformance section of the XQuery 3.0 specification.

Saxon does not implement the Static Typing Feature.

New facilities in XQuery 3.0, beyond those in XPath 3.0, include the following:

Maps are implemented in XQuery 3.0 as described in the XSLT 3.0 specification.

For details of the function library supported, see Functions.

Saxon acts either as an XQuery 1.0 or an XQuery 3.0 processor. In Saxon 9.6, XQuery 3.0 processing becomes the default; a 1.0 processor can be requested on the command line or via the Java or .NET API.