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You can purchase individual licenses for Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE from this shop; you can also purchase site licenses and redistribution licenses (though in this case you may prefer to discuss your requirements with Saxonica first).

Your license key will normally be sent to you via email within 24 hours, together with instructions for downloading and activating the software. Please note that by purchasing a license, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions:

Terms & Conditions

A 30-day evaluation license is available free of charge. Please evaluate the software before purchasing a license, as no refund can be made once a purchase is completed.

Evaluation license

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Information about upgrade licenses can be found here:

Upgrade Licenses

If you want to purchase an upgrade online, please purchase at the full price as if you were a new customer, and send us an email giving details of your previous purchase. We will then refund the residual value of your existing license(s). Alternatively contact us and ask for a quote.


The tax rules from 1 January 2021, following the UK departure from the EU, are as follows:

  • For customers in the United Kingdom, we add VAT at the UK rate (currently 20%).
  • For customers outside the European Union, we do not add VAT. You may need to report the purchase to your local tax authorities, and you may need to pay local taxes. Any prices that we quote are net of local taxes.
  • For business customers in the EU (that is, customers who are registered for VAT in their own country and supply the VAT number at the time of purchasing), we do not add VAT. You will need to account for the purchase (as an import from outside the EU) in your VAT return to your local tax authorities.
  • For non-business customers in the EU (that is, customers unable to supply a VAT number) we add VAT at the rate for your own country, as required by the EU rules for supply of digital services to consumers. We forward this tax on a quarterly basis to the EU tax authorities.

We apply the same rules whether you purchase online, or via a purchase order.

This system relies on information about your location. In the case of online orders, this information comes from your IP address and your billing address. If these do not agree, we may be obliged to make further enquiries. This is true whether or not you are in the European Union, since non-EU customers must be identified as such.


From our online shop you can purchase:

  • Individual Licenses
  • Site Licenses
  • Licenses that allow redistribution of Saxon with an application
  • Custom products and services, by prior arrangement with Saxonica

A more detailed description of the functionality available in each package is available here:

Package Details

Online Shop