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XdmNode Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for XdmNode:
XdmItem XdmValue

Public Member Functions

 XdmNode (jobject)
 XdmNode (XdmNode *parent, jobject, XDM_NODE_KIND)
virtual bool isAtomic ()
XDM_NODE_KIND getNodeKind ()
const char * getNodeName ()
const char * getBaseUri ()
XdmValuegetTypedValue ()
XdmNodegetParent ()
const char * getAttributeValue (const char *str)
int getAttributeCount ()
XdmNode ** getAttributeNodes ()
XdmNode ** getChildren ()
int getChildCount ()
XDM_TYPE getType ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XdmItem
 XdmItem (jobject)
 XdmItem (const XdmItem &item)
virtual jobject getUnderlyingValue (SaxonProcessor *proc)
sxnc_valuegetUnderlyingCValue ()
virtual const char * getStringValue (SaxonProcessor *proc=NULL)
XdmItemgetHead ()
XdmItemitemAt (int n)
int size ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from XdmValue
 XdmValue ()
 XdmValue (SaxonProcessor *p)
template<class ContainerType >
 XdmValue (const ContainerType &container)
template<class ForwardIteratorType >
 XdmValue (ForwardIteratorType begin, ForwardIteratorType end)
XdmValueaddXdmValueWithType (const char *tStr, const char *val)
void addXdmItem (XdmItem *val)
XdmValueaddUnderlyingValue (jobject val)
 XdmValue (jobject val)
void releaseXdmValue ()
int getRefCount ()
void incrementRefCount ()
void decrementRefCount ()
void setProcessor (SaxonProcessor *p)
const char * checkFailures ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from XdmItem
- Protected Attributes inherited from XdmValue
char * valueType
std::vector< XdmItem * > values
int xdmSize
int refCount

Member Function Documentation

const char * XdmNode::getNodeName ( )

Get the name of the node, as a string in the form of a EQName

the name of the node. In the case of unnamed nodes (for example, text and comment nodes) return null.
XDM_TYPE XdmNode::getType ( )

Get the type of the object

Reimplemented from XdmItem.

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