Saxonica: Upgrades

Upgrades and renewals

Subscription licenses

If you have a subscription license, we will attempt (through Ecwid Inc, which runs our online shop, and Stripe, which processes credit card payments) to take payment for renewal of your license on the anniversary of purchase. If this is not possible, for example because your credit card has expired, then you will have the opportunity to supply new credit card details. When we receive notification of successful payment, we will send you a new license key. The old license key has a 15-day period of grace to ensure that you can switch over to the new license key without disruption.

You can upgrade to any new version of the software (both major releases and maintenance releases) while your subscription is current.

When you upgrade, there may be new terms and conditions, price changes, or other changes such as technical dependencies that apply to the new product. If the changes are not acceptable you may terminate your subscription without penalty.

If you want to upgrade your subscription to a different set of products (for example, upgrading from Saxon-PE to Saxon-EE, or increasing the number of licenses), please contact Saxonica and we will advise how to achieve this. We will try to keep all your subscriptions co-terminous (so they all renew at the same time), and to achieve this we may offer you term licenses for part of a year, at a pro-rata cost, to get everything in sync.

Renewing term licenses

If you purchase a term license (one that expires on the anniversary of the purchase date) then it's your responsibility to purchase a new license in good time if you want to continue using the software after the expiry date. We will try to send you a reminder 30 days before it expires, but we can't be held liable if the email doesn't reach you. You should purchase the new license as if you were a new customer, but if you let us know that it is a renewal, we will be able to arrange the expiry date on the new license so you don't pay twice for any period of overlap.

Whether you order the same product or upgrade to a larger quantity, or to a license with higher functionality, you will pay the same price as a new customer; term licenses do not carry any discount for returning customers.

During the validity of your term license you can upgrade to new software releases (both major releases and maintenance releases) without additional cost.

Upgrading perpetual licenses

Perpetual licenses are being phased out. While they remain in use, however, the existing arrangements for upgrades remain in place.

If you already hold one or more paid-for licenses and your new purchase is replacing these licenses, please supply the serial number of the existing license(s) when making your order. You can find this by opening the license file in a text editor. You will be charged the full price for your order, but Saxonica will then refund you the residual value of your existing licenses, up to a maximum of 70% of the new order value.

Residual value of existing licenses

The residual value is calculated based on the "maintenance expiry date" of the existing licenses, that is, the date on which your free upgrade entitlement ends, which is normally 12 months after purchase. 12 months before the maintenance expiry date (normally the day of purchase) the residual value is 70% of the price paid; 12 months after the maintenance expiry date the residual value is zero; between these two dates, the residual value declines on a linear scale (that is, by 1/730 of 70% of the initial price each day). This means that if you renew your license punctually on the maintenance expiry date, the refund due is 35% of the initial purchase price.

If you paid VAT, then a corresponding proportion of the VAT will also be refunded. The refund will be made not more than 15 days after payment for your new order reaches Saxonica's bank account.

Upgrading from a perpetual license to a term license

If you are using Saxon 10 under a perpetual license, and decide to upgrade to Saxon 11, then your existing license keys will continue to function with the new product provided that it is within your upgrade entitlement period for the existing license. However, your usage of Saxon 11 will be under the terms and conditions of the corresponding term license, which means the license will expire (the product will stop working) when the original upgrade entitlement ends, at which point you will need to buy a new term license or subscription license. Note that Saxonica will not send you a reminder email in these circumstances (because in general, we don't know that you have upgraded).

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