Saxonica: Licensing

Saxon licensing terms and conditions

This page lists, and gives links to, the various licenses that are available for Saxonica products. Further information can be found in the Saxon documentation.

Licenses for Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE

Evaluation licenses

A free 30-day evaluation license is available. The terms and conditions for this license are available here:

The evaluation license currently gives access to all functionality (Saxon-EE and Saxon-PE). Note that when running with an evaluation license, Saxon will occasionally insert random asterisks into the output of a transformation or query. This is designed to ensure that the software is not suitable for production use.

Paid-up licenses

For paid-up licenses, the terms and conditions can be found here:

Site licenses

Site licenses are also available. The terms and conditions (including the definition of a "site") can be found here:

Redistribution licenses

A license that allows redistribution of Saxon-PE or Saxon-EE with an application is available on request. The standard terms and conditions can be customised to meet specific contractual requirements; they can be found here:

Saxon/C licenses

With the first major release of Saxon/C 1.0.0, the full range of Saxon editions (Home, Professional and Enterprise) are available for the C/C++ and PHP programming languages (and Python, from the Saxon/C 1.2.0 release), as they are for the Java and .NET platforms. The licensing for the Saxon/C editions Saxon-HE/C, Saxon-PE/C and Saxon-EE/C is the same as for the corresponding standard edition (that is, Saxon-HE, Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE, respectively).

See above for license information for the commercial products Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE, and below for the open-source product Saxon-HE.

Saxon-JS licenses

Although the source code of Saxon-JS is made available, the product is not open source. The code is the intellectual property of Saxonica, except for the open source components listed in the Saxon-JS documentation.

Two licenses are available: the Public License, and the Subscriber License. The Public License is available to anyone who downloads the software, and can be found in the Saxon-JS documentation. The Subscriber License is available to those who purchase a subscription, details of this service and the terms and conditions can be found here:

Saxon-CE licenses

Saxon-CE 1.1 is an open-source product available under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

A few of the source code modules used in constructing Saxon are third-party open-source code issued either under the Apache version 2.0 license, or BSD licenses.

Saxon-HE licenses

From version 9.5, the open-source Saxon-HE product is offered under the Mozilla Public License version 2.0.

All previous releases were offered under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.0. More information about Saxon-HE licensing can be found in the Saxon documentation.

Previous licenses

The license used prior to 10 November 2007, for Saxon-SA (whether for evaluation licenses or paid-up licenses) can be found at license-2004.pdf.

The license used prior to 18 August 2009, for paid-up Saxon-SA licenses, can be found at paid-license-2007.pdf.

The license that was used for Saxon-CE 1.0 can be found at license-ce.pdf.

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