SQL extension instructions

To use the SQL extension in a stylesheet, you need to define a namespace prefix (for example sql) in the extension-element-prefixes attribute of the xsl:stylesheet element, and to map this prefix to a namespace URI, conventionally http://saxon.sf.net/sql. This namespace must be bound in the Configuration to the implementation class net.sf.saxon.option.sql.SQLElementFactory. This binding can be done either by calling ProfessionalConfiguration.setExtensionElementNamespace(), or by means of an entry in the configuration file.

This changed in Saxon 9.2. In Saxon 9.1 and earlier releases it was necessary to use a namespace ending in "/net.sf.saxon.sql.SQLElementFactory". It is still possible to use the same namespace, but it must now be bound explicitly.

This extension defines eight new stylesheet instructions described in the following sections:

See the Example for an example of the use of these SQL extension elements.