Serialization methods

The method attribute of xsl:output can take the standard values xml, html, xhtml, or text, or a QName.

If a QName in the Saxon namespace is specified, the name must be one of the Saxon serialization methods supported in Saxon-PE and Saxon-EE. These are:

If a QName is specified, the local name must be the fully-qualified class name of a class that implements either the SAX2 org.xml.sax.ContentHandler interface, or the net.sf.saxon.event.Receiver interface. If such a value is specified, output is directed to a newly-created instance of the user-supplied class. You can pass additional information to this class by means of extra user-defined attributes on the xsl:output element.

The prefix of the QName must correspond to a valid namespace URI. It is recommended to use the Saxon URI "", but this is not enforced.

When output is sent to a user-specified ContentHandler or Receiver, other serialization options (for example indentation, addition of meta elements in HTML, and generation of a DOCTYPE declaration) have no effect.