Standards Conformance

This section of the documentation describes the extent to which Saxon conforms to external specifications, notably W3C language specifications and Java API specifications.

Statements of conformance are made here in good faith, and are based on the results of running W3C test suites. To the extent that these test suites are incomplete, however, there may be edge case non-conformances that are not captured here. Any information about discrepancies or non-conformances not noted here will be welcomed, and the differences will either be corrected in the product, or documented in a future revision of this section.

A non-conformance with a W3C specification is generally treated as a bug, and may be fixed in a maintenance release even where this changes the behaviour of existing applications. However, where non-conformances are found that cannot be fixed without serious risk of disruption, the fix may be deferred to the next major release of Saxon.