Java Code Generation from the Command Line

The compilation is normally run from the command line, using the command:

java com.saxonica.CompileQuery [options] filename...

where filename is a list of XQuery source files to be compiled. It is also possible to use wildcards, for example *.xq to compile all the queries in a directory.

The options are as follows:



-package package-name

Name of the Java package to use for the generated class(es). By default, the class(es) will not be in any package.

-class class-name

The name of the class to be generated, excluding any package name. Use only when compiling a single query. By default, a class name is constructed from the last part of the input filename, using an algorithm that strips punctuation and adds capitalization according to Java conventions.

-jdir directory

Directory to hold the generated Java source code. If the source code is generated in a package, then subdirectories will be created as necessary to represent the package structure.


Explain: show the structure of the optimized query


Generate the Java code in the form of a servlet


Full name of the class to act as the superclass of the generated class. Only needed if you want to customize the behavior. Typically a user-defined subclass of com.saxonica.deploy.CompiledUserQuery or com.saxonica.deploy.CompiledQueryServlet.


Display progress information


Query is schema-aware

The Java code is generated in the requested file, and it must then be compiled using the Java compiler in the normal way. The classes referenced by the generated code are all in saxon8sa.jar, which must be on the compiler classpath.