Defects Cleared

The following defects have been cleared in Saxon 8.1:

927057  Under various circumstances (especially with DOM and JDOM sources) Saxon may fail with the message "Unknown type annotation 0"

972314  The format-date() function gets the day of the week wrong when using the [F] option.

973477  The -s option on the XQuery command line does not work unless the -wrap option is used; the corresponding facility in the Java API doesn't work either

974605  A NullPointerException can occur in XQuery when an empty element constructor is used as part of an expression, for example "/."

979108  A ClassCastException can occur while optimizing the expression used to initialize a global variable in XQuery.

981277  An internal error can occur in XQuery, with the error message "Children of an ExprInstruction must themselves be ExprInstructions".

98379  The schema processor does not allow an xs:annotation element to appear as a child of xs:include or xs:import.

983753  A NullPointerException occurs if the second argument of an arithmetic operator is the empty sequence.

985577  The Saxon schema processor does not handle xs:notation; this is a documented restriction, but the processor instead of recovering cleanly fails with an exception when xs:notation is encountered.

985578  The Saxon schema processor validates the xs:minInclusive facet incorrectly, leading to spurious error messages.

985841  Spurious static type errors may be reported when the static type of an operand is xdt:untypedAtomic.

998978  Variables used in match patterns can corrupt the caller's stack frame.

1000949  A NullPointerException occurs when comparing two QNames if either is in no namespace.

1000973  An infinite loop occurs getting the base URI of a node in a DOM or JDOM tree.

1001158  The stack frame allocated for saxon:evaluate() may be too small, leading to an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception

1001659  When (in XSLT) character maps are used with the text output method, spurious spaces appear in the output.

1003836  A ClassCastException occurs if an XPath expression evaluated using the Java XPath API returns a date or time value.

1003848  A NullPointerException occurs if an XPath expression evaluated using the Java XPath API requires access to the default collation.

1004442  When the count() function is applied to an expression that selects a sub-range of a sequence, the wrong answer is given.

1006108  The namespace-uri() function can give the wrong answer when the source is a DOM source.

1014271  Two nodes in different DOM documents may share the same identity.

1017755  The XQuery API does not validate the values of serialization parameters.

1024025  This is a duplicate of 979108.

1026414  The schema processor does not handle recursive xs:import elements.

1029493  In XQuery, the default element namespace (as used for path expressions) is not reset when it goes out of scope.

1029810  In the schema processor, the specification mixed="yes" on a complex type is not inherited on another type derived from that type by extension.