XSLT changes

It is now possible to specify both an initial named template and a source document on the command line. The initial template is specified with the -it option, the source document using the new -s option.

On the command line, it is now possible to set the value of a stylesheet parameter to a zero-length string by writing param=.

Saxon reports the new error condition XTDE0045 if the initial mode requested on initiating a transformation does not exist. Saxon previously handled this as if the mode existed but with no matching templates, that is, the built-in template rule (or the rule for mode="#all") would be invoked. This reflects a late change in the specification.

The error code returned when an invalid QName is passed to the type-available() function has changed from XTDE1425 to XTDE1428.

Serialization error SERE0008 is now reported when character maps are used to generate a character that cannot be represented in the selected encoding.