Interface NodeFactory

    • Method Detail

      • makeElementNode

        ElementImpl makeElementNode​(NodeInfo parent,
                                    NodeName nameCode,
                                    SchemaType elementType,
                                    boolean isNilled,
                                    AttributeMap attlist,
                                    NamespaceMap namespaces,
                                    PipelineConfiguration pipe,
                                    Location locationId,
                                    int sequenceNumber)
        Create an Element node
        parent - The parent element
        nameCode - The element name
        elementType - The type annotation of the element
        isNilled - true if the element is to be marked as nilled
        attlist - The attribute collection, excluding any namespace attributes
        namespaces - in-scope namespace declarations for this element
        pipe - The pipeline configuration (provides access to the error listener and the location provider)
        locationId - Indicates the source document and line number containing the node
        sequenceNumber - Sequence number to be assigned to represent document order.
        the element node
      • makeTextNode

        TextImpl makeTextNode​(NodeInfo parent,
                              UnicodeString content)
        Make a text node
        parent - the parent element
        content - the content of the text node
        the constructed text node