Class XSLMergeKey

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      • XSLMergeKey

        public XSLMergeKey()
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      • prepareAttributes

        protected void prepareAttributes()
        Description copied from class: StyleElement
        Set the attribute list for the element. This is called to process the attributes (note the distinction from processAttributes in the superclass). Must be supplied in a subclass
        prepareAttributes in class XSLSortOrMergeKey
      • getReturnedItemType

        protected ItemType getReturnedItemType()
        Determine the type of item returned by this instruction (only relevant if it is an instruction). Default implementation returns Type.ITEM, indicating that we don't know, it might be anything. Returns null in the case of an element such as xsl:sort or xsl:variable that can appear in a sequence constructor but contributes nothing to the result sequence.
        the item type returned