Interface StylesheetComponent

    • Method Detail

      • getSlotManager

        SlotManager getSlotManager()
        Get the SlotManager associated with this stylesheet construct. The SlotManager contains the information needed to manage the local stack frames used by run-time instances of the code.
        the associated SlotManager object
      • optimize

        void optimize​(ComponentDeclaration declaration)
               throws XPathException
        Optimize the stylesheet construct
        declaration - the combination of the source XSLT element defining the component, and the module in which it appears
        XPathException - if an error is found at this stage (which shouldn't really happen)
      • getActor

        Actor getActor()
                throws XPathException
        Get the corresponding Actor object that results from the compilation of this StylesheetComponent
        the compiled ComponentCode
        XPathException - if generating the ComponentBody fails
        java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException - for second-class components such as keys that support outwards references but not inwards references
      • getSymbolicName

        SymbolicName getSymbolicName()
        Get the symbolic name of the component, that is, the combination of the component kind and the qualified name
        the component's symbolic name
      • checkCompatibility

        void checkCompatibility​(Component component)
                         throws XPathException
        Check the compatibility of this component with another component that it is overriding
        component - the overridden component
        XPathException - if the components are not compatible (differing signatures)