Class AdaptiveEmitter

    • Method Detail

      • setOutputProperties

        public void setOutputProperties​(java.util.Properties props)
      • setNormalizationForm

        public void setNormalizationForm​(java.text.Normalizer.Form normalizationForm)
        Set the Unicode normalizer to be used for normalizing strings.
        normalizationForm - the normalizationForm to be used
      • setMustClose

        public void setMustClose​(boolean mustClose)
        Say whether the output must be closed on completion
        mustClose - true if the output must be closed
      • setCharacterMap

        public void setCharacterMap​(CharacterMap map)
        Set the CharacterMap to be used, if any
        map - the character map
      • write

        public void write​(Item item)
                   throws XPathException
        Abstract method to be supplied by subclasses: output one item in the sequence.
        Specified by:
        write in class SequenceWriter
        item - the item to be written to the sequence
        XPathException - if any failure occurs while writing the item