Interface MessageListener2

  • @Deprecated
    public interface MessageListener2
    A user-written implementation of the MessageListener interface may be registered with the XsltTransformer to receive notification of xsl:message output. Each xsl:message instruction that is evaluated results in a single call to the MessageListener.

    The MessageListener2 interface differs from MessageListener in allowing the error code supplied to xsl:message to be made available.

    • Method Detail

      • message

        void message​(XdmNode content,
                     QName errorCode,
                     boolean terminate,
                     javax.xml.transform.SourceLocator locator)
        Notify a message written using the xsl:message instruction
        content - a document node representing the message content. Note that the output of xsl:message is always an XML document node. It can be flattened to obtain the string value if required by calling getStringValue().
        errorCode - a QName containing the error code supplied to the call on xsl:message, or its default of err:XTMM9000.
        terminate - Set to true if terminate="yes" was specified or to false otherwise. The message listener does not need to take any special action based on this parameter, but the information is available if required. If terminate="yes" was specified, then the transformation will abort with an exception immediately on return from this callback.
        locator - an object that contains the location of the xsl:message instruction in the stylesheet that caused this message to be output. This provides access to the URI of the stylesheet module and the line number of the xsl:message instruction.