Interface XQueryFunctionBinder

    • Method Detail

      • getDeclaration

        XQueryFunction getDeclaration​(StructuredQName functionName,
                                      int staticArgs)
        Get the function declaration corresponding to a given function name and arity
        functionName - the name of the function as a QName
        staticArgs - the number of expressions supplied as arguments in the function call
        the XQueryFunction if there is one, or null if not.
      • bindUnboundFunctionCall

        boolean bindUnboundFunctionCall​(UserFunctionCall call,
                                        java.util.List<java.lang.String> reasons)
        Bind a function call using this XQuery function library, in the situation where it was not possible to bind it earlier, typically because it was encountered as a forwards reference.
        call - The unbound function call, which will include a non-null UnboundFunctionCallDetails
        reasons - a list which can be populated with messages indicating why binding failed
        true if the function call is now bound; false if it remains unbound.