Class StaticQueryContextFactory

  • public class StaticQueryContextFactory
    extends java.lang.Object
    Factory class for creating a customized instance of StaticQueryContext
    • Constructor Detail

      • StaticQueryContextFactory

        public StaticQueryContextFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • newStaticQueryContext

        public StaticQueryContext newStaticQueryContext​(Configuration config,
                                                        boolean copyFromDefault)
        Create a new instance of StaticQueryContext. The default implementation creates a new StaticQueryContext as a copy of the Configuration's default static query context. User implementations are encouraged to do the same, but this is not mandatory. If the Configuration's default static query context is ignored, then configuration settings specific to XQuery (construction mode, default element namespace, default function namespace, etc) are ignored for queries created under this StaticQueryContext
        config - the configuration
        copyFromDefault - true if the properties of the new static query context object are to be copied from the default query context object held in the Configuration
        the new StaticQueryContext instance