Class DirectResourceResolver

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    public class DirectResourceResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ResourceResolver
    A DirectResourceResolver is a ResourceResolver that resolves requests using the direct, native capabilities of the platform. For example a "file:" URI is resolved by finding the file in filestore, and an "http:" URI is resolved by making an HTTP request.
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      javax.xml.transform.Source resolve​(ResourceRequest request)
      Process a resource request to deliver a resource
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      • DirectResourceResolver

        public DirectResourceResolver​(Configuration config)
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      • resolve

        public javax.xml.transform.Source resolve​(ResourceRequest request)
                                           throws XPathException
        Process a resource request to deliver a resource
        Specified by:
        resolve in interface ResourceResolver
        request - the resource request
        the returned Source; or null to delegate resolution to another resolver
        XPathException - if the request is invalid in some way, or if the identified resource is unsuitable, or if resolution is to fail rather than being delegated to another resolver.