Class GeneralComparison10

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Callable, ExportAgent, Locatable, IdentityComparable, Traceable

    public class GeneralComparison10
    extends BinaryExpression
    implements Callable
    GeneralComparison10: a boolean expression that compares two expressions for equals, not-equals, greater-than or less-than. This implements the operators =, !=, <, >, etc. This version of the class implements general comparisons in XPath 1.0 backwards compatibility mode.
    • Field Detail

      • singletonOperator

        protected int singletonOperator
    • Constructor Detail

      • GeneralComparison10

        public GeneralComparison10​(Expression p0,
                                   int op,
                                   Expression p1)
        Create a general comparison identifying the two operands and the operator
        p0 - the left-hand operand
        op - the operator, as a token returned by the Tokenizer (e.g. Token.LT)
        p1 - the right-hand operand