Interface PendingUpdateList

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    public interface PendingUpdateList
    A PendingUpdateList is created by updating expressions in XQuery Update.

    The implementation of this interface is in Saxon-EE.

    • Method Detail

      • apply

        void apply​(XPathContext context,
                   int validationMode)
            throws XPathException
        Apply the pending updates
        context - the XPath dynamic evaluation context
        validationMode - the revalidation mode from the static context
        XPathException - if the operation fails
      • getAffectedTrees

        java.util.Set<MutableNodeInfo> getAffectedTrees()
        Get the root nodes of the trees that are affected by updates in the pending update list
        the root nodes of affected trees, as a Set
      • addPutAction

        void addPutAction​(NodeInfo node,
                          java.lang.String uri,
                          Expression originator)
                   throws XPathException
        Add a put() action to the pending update list
        node - (the first argument of put())
        uri - (the second argument of put())
        originator - the originating put() expression, for diagnostics
        XPathException - in the event of an error, for example two documents with the same URI