Class AtomicSequenceConverter.AtomicSequenceConverterElaborator

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    public static class AtomicSequenceConverter.AtomicSequenceConverterElaborator
    extends PullElaborator
    Elaborator for an AtomicSequenceConverter (including an UntypedAtomicConverter, which is the same except that it uses a different converter internally)
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      • AtomicSequenceConverterElaborator

        public AtomicSequenceConverterElaborator()
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      • elaborateForItem

        public ItemEvaluator elaborateForItem()
        Description copied from class: Elaborator
        Get a function that evaluates the underlying expression in the form of a Item. This must only be called for expressions whose result has cardinality zero or one.
        elaborateForItem in class PullElaborator
        an evaluator for the expression that returns an Item, or null to represent an empty sequence.