Class PushToReceiver

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    public class PushToReceiver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Push
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      Document document​(boolean wellFormed)
      Start an XML document.
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      • PushToReceiver

        public PushToReceiver​(Receiver cco)
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      • document

        public Document document​(boolean wellFormed)
                          throws SaxonApiException
        Description copied from interface: Push
        Start an XML document.
        Specified by:
        document in interface Push
        wellFormed - Set to true if the document is required to be well-formed; set to false if there is no such requirement. A well-formed document must have as its children exactly one element node plus optionally, any number of comment and processing instruction nodes (no text nodes are allowed); any attempt to construct a node sequence that does not follow these rules will result in an exception. If the document is not required to be well-formed, the children of the document node may comprise any sequence of element, text, comment, and processing instruction nodes.
        a Document object which may be used to add content to the document, or to close the document when it has been fully written.
        SaxonApiException - if the specified constraints are violated, or if the implementation detects any problems