Class NamespaceReducer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javax.xml.transform.Result, Receiver, NamespaceResolver

    public class NamespaceReducer
    extends ProxyReceiver
    implements NamespaceResolver
    NamespaceReducer is a ProxyReceiver responsible for removing duplicate namespace declarations. It also ensures that an xmlns="" undeclaration is output when necessary. Used on its own, the NamespaceReducer simply eliminates unwanted namespace declarations. It can also be subclassed, in which case the subclass can use the services of the NamespaceReducer to resolve QNames.

    The NamespaceReducer also validates namespace-sensitive content.

    • Constructor Detail

      • NamespaceReducer

        public NamespaceReducer​(Receiver next)
        Create a NamespaceReducer
        next - the Receiver to which events will be passed after namespace reduction
    • Method Detail

      • startElement

        public void startElement​(NodeName elemName,
                                 SchemaType type,
                                 AttributeMap attributes,
                                 NamespaceMap namespaceMap,
                                 Location location,
                                 int properties)
                          throws XPathException
        startElement. This call removes redundant namespace declarations, and possibly adds an xmlns="" undeclaration.
        Specified by:
        startElement in interface Receiver
        startElement in class ProxyReceiver
        elemName - the name of the element.
        type - the type annotation of the element.
        attributes - the attributes of this element
        namespaceMap - the in-scope namespaces of this element: generally this is all the in-scope namespaces, without relying on inheriting namespaces from parent elements
        location - an object providing information about the module, line, and column where the node originated
        properties - bit-significant properties of the element node. If there are no relevant properties, zero is supplied. The definitions of the bits are in class ReceiverOption
        XPathException - if an error occurs
      • isDisinheritingNamespaces

        public boolean isDisinheritingNamespaces()
        Ask whether the namespace reducer is disinheriting namespaces at the current level
        true if namespaces are being disinherited
      • getURIForPrefix

        public NamespaceUri getURIForPrefix​(java.lang.String prefix,
                                            boolean useDefault)
        Get the namespace URI corresponding to a given prefix. Return null if the prefix is not in scope.
        Specified by:
        getURIForPrefix in interface NamespaceResolver
        prefix - the namespace prefix
        useDefault - true if the default namespace is to be used when the prefix is ""
        the uri for the namespace, or null if the prefix is not in scope
      • iteratePrefixes

        public java.util.Iterator<java.lang.String> iteratePrefixes()
        Get an iterator over all the prefixes declared in this namespace context. This will include the default namespace (prefix="") and the XML namespace where appropriate
        Specified by:
        iteratePrefixes in interface NamespaceResolver
        an iterator over all the prefixes for which a namespace binding exists, including the zero-length string to represent the null/absent prefix if it is bound