Class PedigreeMapItem

    • Constructor Detail

      • PedigreeMapItem

        public PedigreeMapItem​(MapItem base)
        Create a PedigreeMapItem with an empty pedigree
        base - the underlying map item
      • PedigreeMapItem

        public PedigreeMapItem​(MapItem base,
                               Pedigree pedigree)
        Create a PedigreeMapItem with a known pedigree
        base - the underlying array item
    • Method Detail

      • get

        public GroundedValue get​(AtomicValue key)
        Get the value of the entry in the map with a specified key, retaining information about how that value was selected
        get in class DelegatingMapItem
        key - the key of the required entry
        the corresponding value, which will itself have a pedigree if it is a singleton map or array; or null if there is no entry with this key
      • keyValuePairs

        public java.lang.Iterable<KeyValuePair> keyValuePairs()
        Get an iterable collection of key-value pairs representing the entries in this map; any entry whose value is a singleton array or map will itself have a pedigree indicating how it was selected
        keyValuePairs in class DelegatingMapItem
        the entries in this map as an iterable collection
      • getPedigree

        public Pedigree getPedigree()
        Get the pedigree of this map item, providing information as to how it was selected.
        Specified by:
        getPedigree in interface PedigreeValue
        the pedigree of this map item