Class StaticQueryContextPE

    • Constructor Detail

      • StaticQueryContextPE

        public StaticQueryContextPE​(Configuration config)
        Create a StaticQueryContext using a given Configuration. This creates a StaticQueryContext for a main module (that is, a module that is not a library module). The static context is initialized from defaults held in the Configuration.
        config - the Saxon Configuration
    • Method Detail

      • setExtensionFunctionLibrary

        public void setExtensionFunctionLibrary​(FunctionLibrary library)
        Set a library of extension functions. The functions in this library will be available in all modules of the query. The function library will be searched after language-defined libraries (such as built-in functions, user-defined XQuery functions, and constructor functions) but before extension functions defined at the Configuration level.
        library - the function library to be added (replacing any that has previously been set). May be null to clear a previously-set library