Class KeySelectorWatch

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    public class KeySelectorWatch
    extends SelectorWatch
    This class watches the selector for a key or unique constraint
    • Method Detail

      • addKeyRef

        public void addKeyRef​(RefSelectorWatch watch)
        Add a RefSelectorWatch to support a keyRef that refers to this key or unique constraints
        watch - the RefSelectorWatch which needs to be notified of all values encountered for this key
      • checkRow

        protected void checkRow​(AtomicSequence[] currentRow,
                                boolean isTarget,
                                Location locationId)
                         throws XPathException
        Method to check that a row (that is, the collection of fields corresponding to one selected node) is valid. This implentation augments that in the superclass by notifying all interested keyref's of the values in this row.
        checkRow in class SelectorWatch
        currentRow - the values of the set of fields
        isTarget - set to true if this is a value of the key referred to by a key reference, rather than a value for this constraint's own selected fields.
        locationId - identifies the location of the selected node
        ValidationException - May be raised if the value of the row (that is, the combination of fields) violates the constraint