Class CallableFeed

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    javax.xml.transform.Result, Receiver

    public class CallableFeed
    extends ItemFeed
    A CallableFeed is used to wrap an expression that does (a) not have intrinsic capability to accept streamed input, and (b) does not expect any operand to be a sequence, and (c) implements the Callable interface.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CallableFeed

        public CallableFeed​(Callable function,
                            ItemFeed result,
                            XPathContext context,
                            Expression[] arguments)
        Create a Feed that evaluates a Callable (often but not necessarily a function)
        function - the function or other Callable
        result - the place to send the results of evaluating this Callable
        context - dynamic context information
        arguments - the arguments to the Callable. Typically one of these is Consuming. The expression receives its input for the consuming argument via the processItem() call, and it then evaluates the other (non-streamed) arguments by calling iterate() on them.