Class MergeInstrAdjunct

  • public class MergeInstrAdjunct
    extends StreamingAdjunct
    Streaming adjunct for the xsl:merge instruction. This is rather different from the usual run of streaming adjuncts since it is more concerned with initiating streaming than with the actual processing
    • Constructor Detail

      • MergeInstrAdjunct

        public MergeInstrAdjunct()
    • Method Detail

      • computeStreamability

        public PostureAndSweep computeStreamability​(ContextItemStaticInfoEE contextInfo,
                                                    java.util.List<java.lang.String> reasons)
        Description copied from class: StreamingAdjunct
        Compute the posture and sweep of this expression as defined in the W3C streamability specifications. This must be implemented in all subclasses that don't use the general streamability rules. The implementation should have the side-effect of computing the streamability of all subexpressions, recursively.
        computeStreamability in class StreamingAdjunct
        contextInfo - Information about the context item type and posture
        reasons - the caller may supply a list, in which case the implementation may add to this; the contents are human-readable messages explaining why the expression is not streamable.
        the posture and sweep of the expression
      • makeSourceIterators

        public static java.util.List<ContextMappingIterator> makeSourceIterators​(MergeInstr.MergeSource ms,
                                                                                 PackageData pd,
                                                                                 XPathContext c1)
                                                                          throws XPathException
        Given a streamable xsl:merge-source, return a set of iterators, one for each of the input sequences. Each iterator returns a sequence of "ItemWithMergeKeys" objects, representing an item in the streamed input sequence together with the values of its merge keys
        ms - The merge source
        pd - The containing package
        c1 - The dynamic XPath Context
        a set of iterators, one for each of the sources selected by the xsl:merge-source element, containing the items delivered by this source together with their merge keys
        XPathException - if anything goes wrong