Class MapEntryStreamer

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    public class MapEntryStreamer
    extends StreamingAdjunct
    implements FeedMaker
    Streaming code to implement an xsl:map instruction or map constructor, where each map entry is allowed to be consuming. Based on the code of ForkAdjunct
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      • MapEntryStreamer

        public MapEntryStreamer()
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      • getFeedMaker

        public FeedMaker getFeedMaker​(int arg)
                               throws XPathException
        Description copied from class: StreamingAdjunct
        Get a FeedMaker, a factory class that creates a Feed to evaluate this expression in streaming mode. In many cases the StreamingAdjunct is itself a FeedMaker, in which case it returns itself. But where an expression has several operands, it will typically create different feeds depending on which argument is the streamed input, and in such cases the individual StreamingAdjunct makes the decision which feed to use, by returning an appropriate FeedMaker.
        getFeedMaker in class StreamingAdjunct
        arg - identifies the argument with respect to which the expression is to be inverted: usually 0 to indicate the first argument is the value that is streamed. Argument numbering is the same as the sequence of arguments/operands returned by the method Expression.operands()
        a FeedMaker to evaluate the expression, or null if it is not streamable with respect to the specificed argument.
        XPathException - in the event of a failure