Class SchemaDocument

  • public class SchemaDocument
    extends java.lang.Object
    An XML document containing a module of an XML Schema. This object is a simple wrapper around the document node of the tree representing the parsed XML schema document, and is used to provide type-safety and a level of abstraction for the interfaces that use it.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SchemaDocument

        public SchemaDocument​(TreeInfo doc)
        Create a SchemaDocument from a given document. This document must have been built using the SchemaNodeFactory
        doc - the document containing the xs:schema element
    • Method Detail

      • getDocument

        public TreeInfo getDocument()
        Get the document wrapped by this SchemaDocument
        the document
      • isSourceSchemaDocument

        public boolean isSourceSchemaDocument()
        Ask if this is a source schema document
        true if this schema document contains source XSD declarations
      • isCompiledSchemaDocument

        public boolean isCompiledSchemaDocument()
        Ask if this is a compiled (SCM) schema document
        true if this schema document contains compiled SCM declarations
      • getXSDSchema

        public XSDSchema getXSDSchema()
        Get the xs:schema element within the schema document
        the XSDSchema object representing the xs:schema element, or null if the SchemaDocument does not contain an xs:schema element (for example if it contains a compiled schema)
      • getTargetNamespace

        public NamespaceUri getTargetNamespace()
        Get the target namespace of the schema document
        the target namespace in the xs:schema element of the schema document