Class LSSchemaResolver

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    public class LSSchemaResolver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements SchemaURIResolver
    This class is a SchemaURIResolver implemented as a wrapper around a JAXP LSResourceResolver
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      LSSchemaResolver​( resolver, Configuration config)  
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      javax.xml.transform.Source[] resolve​(java.lang.String targetNamespace, java.lang.String baseURI, java.lang.String[] locations)
      Resolve a URI identifying a schema document, given the target namespace URI and a set of associated location hints.
      void setConfiguration​(Configuration config)
      Set the configuration information for use by the resolver
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      • LSSchemaResolver

        public LSSchemaResolver​( resolver,
                                Configuration config)
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      • resolve

        public javax.xml.transform.Source[] resolve​(java.lang.String targetNamespace,
                                                    java.lang.String baseURI,
                                                    java.lang.String[] locations)
                                             throws XPathException
        Resolve a URI identifying a schema document, given the target namespace URI and a set of associated location hints.
        Specified by:
        resolve in interface SchemaURIResolver
        targetNamespace - the target namespaces of the module to be imported. The "null namesapce" is identified by a zero-length string. In the case of an xsd:include directive, where no target namespace is specified, the parameter is null.
        baseURI - The base URI of the module containing the "import schema" declaration; null if no base URI is known
        locations - The set of URIs identified as schema location hints. In most cases (xsd:include, xsd:import, xsi:schemaLocation, xsl:import-schema) there is only one URI in this list. With an XQuery "import module" declaration, however, a list of URIs may be specified.
        an array of Source objects each identifying a schema document to be loaded. These need not necessarily correspond one-to-one with the location hints provided.
        XPathException - if the module cannot be located, and if delegation to the default module resolver is not required.