Class TypeReference

    • Constructor Detail

      • TypeReference

        public TypeReference​(int fingerprint,
                             EnterpriseConfiguration config,
                             javax.xml.transform.SourceLocator locator)
        Creates a new Type reference
        fingerprint - the Name Pool fingerprint of the name of the type being referenced
        config - identifies the XML Schema in which this type reference appears.
        locator - the SourceLocator identifying the location of the reference. May be null if the reference is in a built-in type
    • Method Detail

      • isResolved

        public boolean isResolved()
        Determine whether this reference has been resolved
        Specified by:
        isResolved in interface ComponentReference
        true if the reference has been resolved to a schema component
      • setTarget

        public void setTarget​(SchemaType target)
      • getTargetFingerprint

        public int getTargetFingerprint()
      • isDangling

        public boolean isDangling()
        Ask whether this is known to be a dangling reference
        Specified by:
        isDangling in interface ComponentReference
        true if the target of this component reference is known to be absent, and if a warning has been issued to this effect
      • getSymbolSpace

        public int getSymbolSpace()
        Get the symbol space of the target of this reference
        Specified by:
        getSymbolSpace in interface ComponentReference
        an integer code identifying the symbol space
      • isAnonymousType

        public boolean isAnonymousType()
        Test whether this is a reference to an anonymous type
        true if this SchemaType is an anonymous type
      • getTarget

        public SchemaComponent getTarget()
        Returns the type that this type reference is a reference to
        Specified by:
        getTarget in interface ComponentReference
        the schema component if the reference has been resolved, or null otherwise
      • tryToResolve

        public void tryToResolve​(SchemaCompiler compiler,
                                 boolean fatal)
                          throws SchemaException
        Try to resolve the reference if possible, relative to components present in a given schema. If the reference cannot be resolved, the action depends on whether the compiler service allows dangling references to absent components. If it does, we try to patch the schema up with a dummy component (where possible). If not, the method throws an exception
        Specified by:
        tryToResolve in interface ComponentReference
        compiler - The compiler being used to compile the referring component.
        fatal - true if a failure to resolve the reference is to be treated as fatal
        SchemaException - if the reference cannot be resolved or repaired.